Information in Formation

Seminar on Information Theory

Conducted By: Taral Joglekar Hosted By: Udayan Kanade

In Brief: Ever wondered how so many languages say it in so many ways? Why do crosswords exists and why can we read between the lines? Why and how do people create secret codes? Can gamblers win a lot of money? What the heck is entropy? Why does the entropy of the universe always increase? Information theory provides answers to all these questions. This seminar aims at introducing Information Theory, its fundamental principles, and some of its applications.

Target Audience: This course is fundamentally for future (and present) computer and telecommunication engineers and scientists. Of course, anybody who is interested is invited.

Teacher's Introduction: Taral Joglekar did his B.E. in Computer Engineering from Pune Institute of Computer Technology. He is currently a part of the DSP Team at Codito. His interests are in parallel and distributed algorithms, video processing and machine learning.

Course Topics: Probability, random variables and processes; information, entropy, and other fundamental quantities; application to coding theory, networks, channels and data compression.

Prerequisites: 12th standard mathematics

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Format: 6 lectures of 2 hours.
Date: 4th January 2005.
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: IMDR
Prerequisites: 12th std maths