Slightly Advanced Algorithms

Seminar on Algorithms

Conducted By: Udayan Kanade

Brief: This seminar covers algorithms which are instructive in their methodology and diverse in their application, but which are considered slightly advanced for a basic class like Udayan's DAA class.

Format: 8 lectures of 2 hours each. One topic per lecture

Timings: To be announced. (Approx: evenings thrice a week, starting around an indefinitely postponed date.) Timings can be adjusted according to the convenience of participants.

Target Audience:

  • Hobbyists
  • People who wish to see the methods of Udayan's DAA class applied to more algorithms
  • People having professional interest in one or more of the course topics
  • People who are preparing themselves for research or higher education
  • People who are preparing for the AGRE-CS.

Teacher's Brief: Udayan Kanade did his M.S. in Computer Science with the specialization "Optimization and Signal Processing" from Stanford University. He works at Codito Technologies, where his brief is inventing and analyzing algorithms. He has taught the course Design and Analysis of Algorithms eight times at various places.

Sample Course Topics: (We will do a subset of these; requests welcome.)

  • binomial and fibonacci heaps
  • red black trees
  • max flow algorithms
  • disjoint set structures
  • scheduling
  • linear programming
  • optimal binary search tree
  • shell sort

Prerequisites: Design and Analysis of Algorithms.