The Secret Life of Electrons

From Electrons to Circuit Design

Conducted By: Uma Kelkar Hosted By: Udayan Kanade

In Brief: The conductor, the resistor, the inductor, the capacitor, and that increasingly ubiquitous do-it-all fellow, the transistor, are electron devices that the electronics engineers' bread and butter depends upon. Who are these electron people? What can they do? What can we make them do? How can we make them do it? And why would we want to? This seminar elucidates the very fundamentals of electronic circuit design, giving attendants a firmer grasp on the fundamentals that make new age technology tick.

Target Audience: This course is fundamentally for future (and present) electronics engineers. It should also be important for electrical, computer and instrumentation engineers. Of, course anybody who is interested is invited.

Teacher's Introduction: Uma Kelkar did her M.S. in Electrical and Electronics from Stanford University. She is now designing chips at AMD. Her interests are VLSI analog circuits, and VLSI power issues.

Course Topics: Electron physics; potential and current; Kirchoff's laws; the "passive" components - resistors, capacitors, inductors and their circuits; the "active" component - the transistor; transistor circuits; circuit design philosophy.

Prerequisites: 12th standard mathematics

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Format: 6 lectures of 2 hours.
Date: 10th March 2005.
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: IMDR
Prerequisites: 12th std maths