Info Page

What is UdayanKanade.Org?

UdayanKanade.Org is a teaching organization geared towards teaching engineering and mathematics subjects to engineering students and young engineers who are studying or working in Pune, India. Courses or seminars are conducted by Udayan or one of his colleagues. We like to emphasize understanding and enjoyment over rote and mark-orientation, and have all benefited from teaching like minded students.

What do you teach?

Usually we teach various courses pertaining to Computer Science and Engineering, and Electrical and Electronics Engineering. We have delivered seminars on Algorithms, CS Theory, Information Theory, VLSI Circuit Design, DSP and Engineering Mathematics. For a full list of courses we have taught and wish to teach, look at the home page.

Where do I sign up?

Here. (It's free!)

Where and when do you teach?

Last year, we conducted most of our courses at IMDR which is a centrally located place and hence convenient for many people. Timings are decided as per the convenience of participants. Usually, evenings are convenient.